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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What is a WUSTL Key?

A:  A WUSTL Key is the combination of a Login ID and password.  Every student, faculty, and staff member has a WUSTL Key credential and can use it to access WUSTL Key-enabled applications.

Q:  How does my email address help me retrieve my forgotten WUSTL Key login ID or WUSTL Key password?

A:  When you request a forgotten login id or password, an email is sent to both your email address as well as the alternate (non-WU) email address the University has on file for you (if one exists).  You can review email addresses and other contact information the University has on file for you by visiting your University profile here.

Why can't I use self service functions?

A:  Login ID retrieval or password reset functions are not allowed for individuals with administrative privileges, for example individuals who manage other people's data such as student grades or payroll.

Q: Why is my WUSTL Key account Locked?

A: A common reason for account lockout is when people forget to update their password on mobile devices and in other software applications that use the WUSTL Key password (like PaperCut).

If you have reset your password recently, think about the places your old password may have been saved.  Mobile devices can continually attempt to make a connection with the wrong password and keep your account locked.
If you have reset your password on your mobile device and still are being locked out of your account, then contact your local help desk for password reset support.  Help desk contact information around the University can be found at: